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Cortez Masto?

The Liberals Who Won’t Acknowledge the Crime Problem

The Atlantic, 6/21/22

Catherine Cortez Masto laughing ominously

Did you leave a light on?

Catherine Cortez Masto laughing ominously

Did you lock the back door?

Catherine Cortez Masto laughing ominously

Did you lock the car?

Catherine Cortez Masto laughing ominously

Did you hear that?

Too many prosecutors have gone soft on criminals, refusing to seriously prosecute rising crime, which leads to even more crime and less safe neighborhoods.

Add in inflation and a slowing economy and you have a firestorm of petty theft, cars and homes being broken into, vehicles stolen, and random acts of violence in every community across the nation.

Progressive Prosecutor Movement Tested by Rising Crime and Angry Voters


“We still don’t have enough officers, and we have shortages everywhere”

- National Association of Chiefs of Police Senior Vice President Brian C. Smith

Axios, 9/10/22

U.S. Crime Is Still Dramatically Higher Than Before the Pandemic

Time, 7/29/22

This didn’t happen overnight.

It’s been a long, slow tearing apart of the very fabric of law and order in America.

No one wants to point fingers, but someone has to take the blame.

Cortez Masto

& Her Policies

are the problem and shoulder the responsibility for what’s happening in our state

Catherine Cortez Masto smiling creepily

Las Vegas Valley property crimes rise, including Strip


Property Crimes

Up 15%

Up 45% in the Convention Center Area

Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/15/22

Car Burglaries

Up 17%

Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/15/22

Misdemeanor & Felony Larceny

UP 17%

Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/15/22

Cortez Masto

Is To Blame

and someone has to fix it …

That's You.

If you care about keeping your family and your neighborhood safe, you have to speak up.

Speak up for yourself. Your family. Your friends and neighbors.

They will, too. You’re not the only one who feels this way.

Catherine Cortez Masto speaking at a microphone

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Crack down on crime.

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